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April 28th + 29th at 7pm
The Tank, NYC

Written & Performed by Lisa Danielle Buch
Directed by Ben Stockman
Co-Produced by Jordan Bean & Sarah Jane Schostack
Original music by Frank Schiro
Movement by Maridee Slater
Dramaturgy by Meghan McLeroy & Jolene Noelle
Graphic Design by Cassidy Hunkler

(mentor x power) + (drive x trust) = Wh(y)

An aspiring actress filled with chutzpah faces a confounding calculation when her trusted mentor reveals himself to be a sexual predator. Using SIMPLE MATH she solves for “wh(y)”

A coming of age story that walks the audience through the prelude, development and dissolution of sexually abusive relationship over the course of four years. Guest starring Mathematics (simple and otherwise), the Neurochemicals: Dopamine, Cortisol and Oxytocin- Instinct, and the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response.

A Movement-based piece with music.