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Hearts On The wall

HOTW is a curated monthly night of short, new work in progress. Everyone and anyone is invited to participate, and the show is always free. Join us!

When: the last Friday of every month
Where: Dixon Place lounge @ 7:30pm



We are thrilled to be joining the #HealMeToo Festival as co-producers.

From March 27 through April 14 at NYC’s West Village IRT Theater, this first-ever Festival will bring together over 50 artists and experts for performances, panels and participatory workshops. In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let’s create an intersectional space for conversation that celebrates healing and inspires cultural change.

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Written & Performed by Lisa Buch
Directed by Ben Stockman

(mentor x power) + (drive x trust) = Wh(y)

An aspiring actress filled with chutzpah faces a confounding calculation when her trusted mentor reveals himself to be a sexual predator. Using SIMPLE MATH she solves for “wh(y)”

A coming of age story that walks the audience through the prelude, development and dissolution of sexually abusive relationship over the course of four years. Guest starring Mathematics (simple and otherwise), the Neurochemicals: Dopamine, Cortisol and Oxytocin- Instinct, and the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response.

A Movement-based piece with music.

Tickets + More Info Coming Soon!