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The Soul of the World

Produced as part of the New Play Project with Actors Theatre of Louisville & La Casita Center.

Written by Isaac Gomez
Directed by Joan Sergay

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Identity's A Box of Chocolates

Produced as part of the New Play Project with Actors Theatre of Louisville & Guestroom Records.

Written by MJ Kaufman
Directed by Michael Legg

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A one-night-only series of short plays by female-identifying playwrights smashing the patriarchy, the establishment and the bourgeoisie.

With plays by Nayna Agrawal, Drewcella Davis, Amanda DeLalla, Justine Gelfman, Olivia George, Uzunma Udeh & Naomi Westerman

Directed by Abby Barr, Nikki DiLoreto & Courtney Harge

Produced under Dark Matter Productions at La Maison d'Art.

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How __ Made Me A Better Feminist

An evening of brand new ten minute plays exploring the opportunities for female empowerment found in popular culture and our day to day lives.

With plays by Kevin Armento, Kellie Bean, Dinah Berkeley, Ashley Jacobson, Jacob Marx Rice & Charise Castro Smith

Directed by Jordan Bean, Rachel Dart & Anna Strasser.

Produced under Dark Matter Productions at The Tank.

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Produced as part of the New Play Project with Actors Theatre of Louisville & The Green Building.

Written by Idris Goodwin
Directed by Jelani Cornick

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Solo Mios

Written & performed by Andrea Abello, Calum Bedborough, Bear Brummel, Sergio Caetano, Satya Chavez, Nayib Felix, Brandon Fox, Rigel Harris, Alaina Kai, Emily Kaplan, Emily Kleypas, Jerardo Larios, Joseph Miller, Tim Peters, Marika Proctor, Omer Abbas Salem, Jack Schmitt, Suzy Weller, Karoline Xu, Jenna Zhu

Produced at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

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The Witch of St. Elmora Street

Written by Joey Merlo
Directed by Emilyn Kowaleski

A Dark Matter Productions/Wolfpack Theatrics co-production at The Access Theatre.

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Pretty Theft

A play about ballerinas, boxes and the dangers of beauty. After losing her father, Allegra falls under the wing of bad girl Suzy, only to find an unexpected friendship with Joe, an autistic savant. When things take a violent turn, Allegra and Suzy escape across country and befriend Marco, a mysterious thief who claims he cannot be caught.

Written by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Taylor Haven Holt

Produced under Dark Matter Productions at The C.O.W.